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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
The Debate Rages

In anticipation of his half-millionth hit, Gil Student posted some notable quotes about himself and his blog.

Since I will probably not reach 500,000 hits until the Jets win the Super Bowl, and since I have never been reluctant to copy one of Gil's good ideas, here's a collection of some quotes about me:

"I love his blog when he's not talking about sports" -- Gil Student, Hirhurim.

"Joe Schick is as blissfully ignorant a chucklehead as are the [Protocols] elders, and equally arrogant to boot ... an obviously unlettered twerp" -- Don Miller, comment on Protocols.

"Joe Schick ... writes with a broad range of knowledge about the media" -- The Revealer, publication of the New York University Department of Journalism.

"Perhaps the Pereses and Beilins of the world are more in touch with reality than the Schicks" -- Helene Hymowitz.

"Ferocious intelligence seems to run in the Schick family" -- Robert Avrech, Seraphic Press.

"Joseph Schick seems to suffer from the same defeatist attitude that afflicts many in the Jewish community" -- Leslie Millstein.

"Joe Schick is neither loathsome nor timid" -- DovBear.

"I admire Mr. Schick for his courage in stating convictions that no doubt will invite derision from extremists" -- Yitzchak Cates.

"Joseph Schick wrote back to me more promptly than I respond to email from hot chicks" -- Dave Munger, The Hand of Munger.

"While we have the highest respect for Mr. Schick's sharp intelligence and keen judgment, we stand by what we said" -- editorial in The Jewish Press, responding to a critical letter to the editor from me.

"His mind is as sharp as the razor of the same name" -- Joshua Kaminer.

"You are about as thick headed as a brick" -- Shimra Starr, comment on Unbroken Glass.