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Monday, November 07, 2005
Ten Comments on the Same Old Jets

1. When Wayne Chrebet remained on the ground after his reception setting up first and goal late in the 4th quarter, most of us in the Giants Stadium crowd knew that we had likely seen him for the last time as a wide receiver for the New York Jets. Reports that Chrebet has suffered another concussion - and a serious one - suggest that his NFL career has probably ended.

Chrebet, in his 11th season with the Jets, was the sole ray of light from the Rich Kotite era. He became a fan favorite almost immediately in his rookie season in 1995 and remained a fan favorite through 2005.

In 2015, 2025, and beyond, Wayne Chrebet will be remembered fondly by fans of the New York Jets. When he stops by and makes an appearance at a home game, he'll be sure to receive a standing ovation.

Hopefully Chrebet's latest injury will not impede his day-to-day life, so he can enjoy his premature retirement in good health.

2. The bottom line regarding yesterday's loss is that it was yet another game that displayed the incompetence of the Jets coaching staff.

The playcalling on the final series, with the Jets having 1st and goal inside the 4 yard line, was pathetic. Offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger showed little confidence in the run, instead trying low percentage and unimaginative fade routes on 2nd and 4th down. Fades to short receivers make little sense, and on 4th down, Justin McCareins hardly helped matters by seemingly making little effort to even catch the ball.

Herm Edwards' post-game press conference suggested that he was implicit in the disastrous play-calling. According to Edwards, the Jets had to pass three straight times, because there was not enough time on the clock to run since the Jets had no timeouts. As usual, Edwards was clueless. With more than a minute left when the 2nd down snap occurred, the Jets could easily have run twice more. But Edwards has always displayed a complete lack of common sense when it comes to clock management.

3. Heimerdinger's play-calling was equally woeful when the Jets had 1st and goal in the 3rd quarter. After a typical Curtis Martin run straight up the middle for little gain, Vinny Testaverde threw two very short passes, neither anywhere near the end zone. Instead of coming to within 21-17 and gaining the momentum, the Jets settled for a chip-shot field goal and on their next drive, the Chargers marched downfield for a touchdown.

4. After the loss to Atlanta two weeks ago, I predicted that if the Jets offense played poorly in yesterday's game, a defensive mutiny would occur.

Alas, the defense did not bother to wait, instead mailing it in yesterday, allowing the Chargers touchdowns in each of their first three drives. The Jets consistently gave up first downs on 3rd and long situations, and cornerback David Barrett was particularly awful. The other cornerback, Ty Law, also made several costly miscues, again demonstrating that he is hardly an upgrade over Ray Mickens and certainly not worth his massive salary cap number.

After a bye week, for the Jets defense to come out so disinterested is a strong indictment of defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson.

5. Following the injuries to Chad Pennington and Jay Fiedler, Edwards and Heimerdinger showed no confidence at all in third-string QB Brooks Bollinger. In the 13-3 loss to Baltimore, Bollinger was not allowed to throw the ball much or take any chances. Nor did he get the chance to start in any of the following four games.

Even if Bollinger's performance yesterday is better than what could usually be expected, it's clear that he represents a better option at QB than Testaverde, and the failure of the coaching staff to have recognized this is unacceptable. Unlike fans, who do not watch practice each week and can only venture an opinion, coaches should have some idea whether their players can play.

6. Speaking of Bollinger, his performance reminded me of Glenn Foley's first meaningful appearance for the Jets, in a game in 1997 that the Jets came back to win.

7. In his press conference, Edwards was asked how he would describe the team's performance. He responded that "they battled." Apparently Edwards gave the same positive message to the team in the post-game locker room.

What a complete contrast to Bill Parcells, who, in always refusing to celebrate moral victories or close defeats, instilled a winning atmosphere. This season, Edwards has been sounding a lot like Kotite did.

8. In their 3rd quarter touchdown drive, the Chargers gained six yards on a 1st down run from the Jets 20. There was a flag on the play, with the Jets called - at least as I heard it - for holding. When play resumed, the Chargers had the ball from the Jets 9. Without the benefit of replay or television analysis, I failed to understand why the Chargers got the benefit of both the 6 yard run and the holding penalty. Was the penalty actually for a 5 yard face mask?

9. Mike Nugent's 51 yard field attempt wasn't even close. The Jets did not draft him high in the 2nd round so that he could make two short field goals. And again, his kickoffs were relatively short, with none of the six making it into the end zone.

10. Marathon Sunday is a great day to drive to a game. I made it to and from the game in less than an hour from and to Queens, and that includes parking before the game and getting out of the parking lot after the game.