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Monday, July 02, 2007
Sports Musings

1. It is borderline criminal for Julio Franco to remain on the Mets' roster. If he is such a good clubhouse influence, make him a coach. If he wants to play until he's 50, add him to the roster on September 1. Continuing to waste a roster spot on Franco is crazy, albeit not as crazy as Willie Randolph's continued use of Franco despite the obvious fact that Julio can no longer catch up to even decent fastballs.

2. With the signings of Scott Gomez and Chris Drury, yesterday was an exciting day for Rangers fans. I agree with both signings, though suspect that the Rangers will miss Michael Nylander. I disagree with the team's decision to sever ties with Jed Ortmeyer, who played hard and excelled on penalty kills.

3. I don't mind if Bruce Ratner wants to overpay for Vince Carter, but I do take issue with the team's generosity toward Carter and ensuing frugality toward Mikki Moore. If the Nets insist on paying Moore less than $3.5 million, they will lose a difficult to find productive big man.

As for the drafting of Sean Williams, it's a worthwhile risk by the Nets since Williams would fill a glaring need.

4. I rarely listen to WFAN anymore, but last night while driving to Manhattan, I had FAN on to keep updated about the hockey free agency situation. Turns out it was the 20th anniversary of the FAN's launch on July 1, 1987. Jim Lampley - who hosted the first ever show on the station - guest-hosted for an hour, and was sure to have Bruce From Flushing and Sam From Bayonne call in. Brought back memories of the days when I did little but listen to sports talk.