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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Jews For Gush Katif ... and Jesus

I should probably stop accepting flyers on the street.

Last week, I accepted a flyer purportedly in support of the Jewish residents of the Gush Katif settlement bloc in Gaza. The flyer compared the impending evacuation of Gaza and northern Samaria with the Holocaust.

Yesterday in midtown Manhattan, a few people had a sign expressing support for Gush Katif, and were handing out flyers. I hesitated, but accepted a flyer; after all, while I reject the extremist anti-withdrawal rhetoric, I have serious doubts about the evacuation and, in any event, have very positive sentiments toward the heroic Jewish residents of Gaza.

Unfortunately, the flyer had absolutely nothing to do with Gush Katif. Instead, it was a Jews for Jesus flyer that implored me to accept Jesus at once.

This approach is typical for Jews for Jesus, which will use any misleading method to attract Jews.

Whenever I have an encounter with Jews for Jesus, I am reminded of an incident I experienced in 1991. I went with a friend to a Yankees game. As we were entering the Yankee Stadium complex, a Jews for Jesus guy approached us aggressively, rambling about Jesus and trying to give us flyers. My friend, who was an aggressive guy then active in the Jewish Defense Organization, demanded that the Jews for Jesus guy "shut up," Alas, the Jesus freak wouldn't stop, so my friend took all of the flyers away from him and dumped them into the trash container. Just then, a group of rowdy Yankee fans came by to congratulate my friend for the confrontation, though they had no idea what it concerned.