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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Martin Peretz on Gaza

Martin Peretz comes up short in his piece about the Gaza withdrawal in this week's issue of The New Republic.

Referring to the use of the color orange in the opposition to the withdrawal, Peretz writes:

Orange is this year's color of massed dissent, and it is certainly the color of this movement, but nobody could tell me why. I was reminded of Jimmy Carter's pathetic yellow ribbons. Maybe such bits of dyed cloth are the sure signs of losing movements.

Nobody could tell Peretz why orange is the color of the movement? Come on. The answer is that orange has traditionally been the color of Gush Katif, the main Gaza settlement bloc.

As for the opposition being a "losing movement," perhaps because of the use of orange, actually both the campaign and the use of orange have been recognized as having been successful. Indeed a report (I don't recall if it was in Haaretz or Ynet) assessed the PR campaign for Gush Katif and the use of orange as having been the best of 2005. While the opposition will be a "losing movement" in the sense that it will not succeed in stopping the withdrawal, it has resulted in a substantial drop in public support for the withdrawal.