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Friday, July 22, 2005
Sports Misery

I just came across a post on a blog called Elster's World, in which the blogger writes:

Mets, Jets, Knicks, Rangers. 32 years, exactly 2 world champions ('86 Mets, '94 Rangers). To quote ESPN.com's Bill Simmons, not good times.

Is it bad that I would contemplate exchanging my spleen for a Jets Super Bowl victory? ... Is it bad that while I love Herm Edwards, I constantly find myself wondering if I am a better game coach than him.

Wow, if not for the fact that I'm a Nets fan, I'd have thought I was the author of this post. While I'm a disgruntled fan of the Mets, Jets and Rangers, and am a long-suffering fan of the Nets, these days the Nets are the far superior basketball team. I feel for this fellow, who, to his credit and unlike other Knicks fans, does not pretend that the Knicks - who have failed to win a championship in 32 years - are anything other than a sorry franchise.

As for Elster's comments about the Jets, surely he understands that while Herm Edwards is a very nice man, and he motivates most of his players to show up on game day, he has no clue how to manage a game. As I posted on January 15, 2005 - my 32nd birthday and minutes after the Jets - thanks to Edwards - blew the playoff game against Pittsburgh:

It won't happen now, but Herm Edwards should be fired as Jets head coach. The weekly time management problems are inexcusable. Edwards is probably going to fire offensive coordinator Paul Hackett, but the ultimate responsibility and blame belongs to Edwards...

The loss to Pittsburgh is not, in itself, why I'm convinced Edwards will never lead the Jets to a Super Bowl. It's his predictability, his inability to say anything other than cliches, and his game plan of keeping the game close rather than taking control of the game...

Instead of putting the opponent away, Edwards suffices with staying in the game. In his postgame press conference, Edwards was truly befuddled at reporters who questioned his strategy. As a result of that strategy, despite the Steelers playing a poor game doing everything possible to lose, the Jets' season is over.