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Sunday, June 15, 2003
Murder of Settlers and Israel's Government

After the murder of a resident of Beit El and her 12 year old son, the Prime Minister attended the funeral and delivered a eulogy. As reported by The Jerusalem Post, the Prime Minister stated that the residents of Judea and Samaria are pioneers "'who live among pioneers, the heroes of our time.' The prime minister said the time has come, after years of a smear campaign at home and abroad, to say, "Nobody is better than they are. There is nobody like them to continue Israel's heritage, the love of Israel, the love of the land."

"You are the flesh of our flesh," he said. "There is no difference in the security responsibility this government feels to Beit El or Beit Kama, Shilo or Herzliya. There is no difference. We will increase our efforts in this place in order to ensure the security of all Israeli residents."

The murder was of Ita and Ephraim Tzur in December 1996, and the eulogy was given by Prime Minister Netanyahu. Tragically, murder of "settlers" are now routine, not particularly noteworthy, and often mentioned with the implicit suggestion that the victims deserved what they got. The current Prime Minister, who is responsible for many of the communities in Judea and Samaria, rarely attends funerals of terror victims, or offers words of moral support for settlers and settlements.

In June 2001, Sharon did speak at the funeral of Yehuda Shoham, a five-month-old baby who was murdered by a 10 pound stone. Sharon addressed the young parents:

"Dear Bat-Sheva and Benny and families, friends who have come here from all over the country. I am not here to make a speech. I have come to cry, to cry with you together. Yesterday, I stood by the bed of Chaim Yehuda and patted his hand. It was difficult for me to leave him; he is exactly the same age as my twin grandchildren. I saw you praying with devotion, and I also prayed in my heart together with you. How can they murder a baby? How can they do this? Only the wild and unrestrained incitement of the Palestinian Authority, which stands behind and activates this terrorism, leads to these horrific acts. The responsibility for the security of every child in Israel is upon my shoulders, and I feel its weight. I feel its weight, yet my shoulders have not become weak, because I know that we must not allow our spirit to fall. If we ask every day, 'How much longer?', we will lose. But if we remain firm and grit our teeth, and continue even when the tears choke our throats, we will win. And we will win. We have stood up to difficult situations, and we have overcome our enemies, and we will do this again in the future. But my heart is pained at the fact that little Yehuda will not be with us when we arrive, in Eretz Yisrael, at the 'menuchah v'hanachalah [the rest and the inheritance].' And we will get there. May his memory be a blessing."