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Thursday, January 29, 2004
Alex Singer

In 1987, IDF soldier Alex Singer was shot and killed in a battle in Lebanon. Alex's brother, Saul Singer, is editorial page editor of The Jerusalem Post. Suzanne Singer of Moment Magazine is Alex's mother. Singer made aliyah in 1985, and was killed on his 25th birthday.

Anwar Yassin, the terrorist who killed Alex Singer, Ronen Weisman, and Oren Kamil, was attempting to carry out a major terrorist attack in Israel. Yassin was sentenced to only 30 years in jail. He was let out 13 years early today, as part of Israel's foolish deal with Hezbollah.

The AP carried a sympathetic article earlier this week about Yassin by Ahmed Mantash. No doubt Ahmed is an objective writer, despite his failure to mention Yassin's murder of three Israelis.

Saul Singer writes about his brother, Yassin and the Hezbollah deal in his weekly column in tomorrow's Jerusalem Post.