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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Israel's Response to Terror

Excellent op-ed in today's Maariv by Dov Goldstein:

Israel, or at least the mainstream of its leaders always clung to the idea that the Arabs only understand force. It’s not true. The natural order has been inverted. Nasrallah has proved the exact opposite is true: Israel only understands force. Without the Palestinian violence, Sharon would not agree to a Palestinian state. Without Palestinian terror, the Likud would not have changed its mind and decided that the Western parts of the Land of Israel are under an occupation which must be ended. Without Nasrallah’s bullying and determination, Israel wouldn’t agree to release hundreds of prisoners in return for one live man and three bodies...

Israel proved that not the failure Abu-Mazen or the and not even the more sophisticated Abu Alla are the ones who can drag concessions out of Israel, but rather only Nasrallah who aims at Israel 1000 Iranian long range missiles and laughs at its weakness.

Israel’s unmatched military power can crush and subdue Hezbullah and pick lice from Nasrallah's beard. But because of its political weakness and its leadership’s feebleness it gave in to tyranny and bent before Nasrallah.