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Friday, January 30, 2004
PR for Israel

A new group called Blue Star PR is aiming to improve Israel's image in Northern California, by promoting Israel's liberal social values.

I don't know how many in the Bay Area will be persuaded, as my sense is that those who are anti-Israel - especially in that part of the country - are motivated by factors other than domestic policy. Rarely if ever do Israel's detractors claim that Israel's enemies are anything other than brutal dictatorships. Yet they find reasons to hate Israel regardless, particularly by repeating the lie that Israel has stolen Arab land.

Nevertheless, the effort is interesting. It's another example of freelance PR efforts by supporters of Israel who are frustrated with Israel's failure to adequately state its case and the Jewish establishment's disinterest about anything other than raising money to assure its continued existence. The latest issue of The Jerusalem Report has a piece about another freelance effort: Two brothers in LA who plan to exhibit a bombed Egged bus to demonstrate the absolute evil of terror. While these efforts deserve to be applauded, it's a shame that they are necessary.