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Thursday, February 19, 2004
Report: US Approves Transfer of Gaza Settlers to Judea/Samaria

I'm skeptical that this report is accurate. However, according to Maariv, Israel's Channel 2 reports that:

The United States would agree to transfer settlers from the Gaza Strip to the main settlement blocs on the West Bank, administration officials told Channel 2 news.

However, the officials said that Washington would insist on dismantling of settlements on the West Bank. During the first stage of withdrawal, the settlements of Sanur, Homesh, Ganim and Kadim would be dismantled. No financial aid is to be given to Israel during this time period.

This would make evacuation of Gaza much more palatable to more moderate right-wingers. It would give up Gaza, whose demographics render it less likely to be retained in any agreement, while essentially ensuring that the large settlement blocs will be annexed to Israel. Given that under the Geneva Accord large communities such as Efrat and Ariel would be evacuated, the infusion of several thousand new residents to Ariel, Gush Etzion (in which Efrat is the largest town) and Ma'aleh Adumin is necessary, and would be very beneficial.

Such a move would also prevent Palestinians from viewing a Gaza evacuation as a victory for terror.

Hopefully this report is accurate. Channel 2 is often highly off base.