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Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Media Coverage of Yassin Liquidation

Aside from Jennifer Griffin's suggestion that Yassin was a relative moderate, Fox News' coverage of the assassination has been fair. As far as I could tell, they made it clear that Hamas has killed scores of Israeli civilians and that Yassin wants Israel destroyed.

In contrast, CNN claimed that unnamed "Palestinian sources" not only referred to Yassin as a moderate, but also claimed that he was about to call for talks with Israel. That is obviously preposterous; Yassin just last week called for Israel to be destroyed and for a "mega-attack" on Israelis.

Most moronic of all was WABC-TV in New York (Channel 7). Their reporter on the 11:00 news last night covered the story as if a venerable religious leader had passed away. Her tone was somber and respectful when she interviewed Yassin supporters in New York, and she even informed viewers that a memorial service would take place tonight. In fact, she gave the address: 5602 6th Avenue, in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn. Pretty scary considering that's just a few blocks outside of the heavily Jewish Boro Park section.