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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Here's what Doron Rosenblum writes in his column in this week's Haaretz Magazine:

How did the State of Israel, once one of the most promising, riveting and admired countries in the world, plunge from the heights of promise and hope into the depths of despair, bereavement and failure? What caused a country where, everyone agrees, there are intelligent people - and in any event, human material of equal caliber to that of any other country - to deteriorate, willingly and with full awareness, down the slope of the sewage of history? What made it become, gradually but systematically, one of the most hated, most isolated and most miserable places to be on the planet?

Rosenblum eloquently expresses the view of Israel's media elite toward their own country. That view has very little to do with mainstream Israel, which recognizes that these are very tough times and that it will be necessary to fight and sacrifice to defeat their enemy. Arab and European readers of Haaretz might misconstrue that paper's self-hatred to be representative of the Israeli people's, but that perception would be inaccurate. Indeed, a recent survey showed that 83 percent of Israelis are "satisfied or very satisfied with their lives."