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Monday, March 22, 2004
Yassin Liquidation

Thoughts on the Yassin assassination:

1. On an emotional level, the removal of this arch-terrorist from the world initially might satisfy some of the rage against Hamas. Yassin repeatedly taunted Israelis, promising that masses of civilians would be murdered, even in their own homes, and that Hamas would destroy Israel. In this regard, it is somewhat disappointing that Yassin was killed instantly, with his head blown off, probably not suffering and never knowing what hit him.

2. Presumably, the killing of their leading symbol will have a significant emotional affect on Hamas and its supporters too. Motivation to kill Jews could increase, though it was very high already.

3. Israel tried to kill Yassin and several other Hamas leaders in September, but used a relatively small bomb and the operation failed. At the time, Hamas threatened to kill Prime Minister Sharon and said Israel had opened the "gates of hell."

They weren't lying. Two days later, two Hamas suicide bombings occurred, including the Cafe Hillel bombing that killed Dr. David Applebaum, ER chief of Shaare Zedek Hospital, and his daughter Naava, who was to get married the following day.

Of course, the Cafe Hillel bombing may well have happened even if Israel hadn't tried to kill Yassin. After all, Hamas was already in the midst of a massive campaign of terror, including a Jerusalem bus bombing in August.

4. Since its failed attempt to kill Yassin and the Cafe Hillel tragedy, Israel had refrained from killing Hamas leaders, but Hamas did not stop suicide bombings. Another bus bombing occurred in Jerusalem in late January, and attacks have also taken place in Tel Aviv, Netanya and Ashdod.

Hamas leaders also began appearing in public in Gaza. Indeed, Yassin had resume his routine of going to morning mosque prayers, which is where he went this morning before his elimination.

5. It's reasonable to fear that Hamas will try to kill Israelis in response to the Yassin liquidation. In the short-term, terrorism could increase.

6. It is difficult to imagine Israel ever reaching even a cease-fire of more than a few months with Hamas. Hamas will continue to kill Jewish civilians and try to destroy Israel, and ultimately, Israel is going to have to engage in war against them.

The Yassin assassination only makes sense if it is part of a strategic decision to kill all Hamas terrorists - political and military, junior, senior and mid-level, and if Israel is able to successfully implement that strategy. Killing Yassin alone will only inflame the situation without stopping or deterring future attacks. Following today's decision with the elimination of others, including - but not limited to - Muhammad Deif and Abdel Aziz Rantisi might create a vacuum in the Hamas leadership, and cause Hamas terrorists to spend more time hiding from Israel than planning terrorism.