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Friday, April 30, 2004
Anti-Semitic Screed of the Day

Today's Arab News has a column by Sarah Whalen, who apparently is a former law professor at Loyola. Whalen is upset that President Bush has said that Daniel Pearl was killed for being a Jew. The article is interesting only because it is another important example of the crap published and read by the Arab intelligentsia.

Here are excerpts:

How many times can a politician use the word “Jew” or “Jewish” in a sentence? Even once gets attention...

Both Mariane [Pearl], of Jewish descent, and Attorney Kelner, Jewish, appeared on countless television programs trumpeting their cause.

And never, not once, did either ever say that Muslim terrorists killed Danny because he was Jewish. But Bush does. Bush claims the “young reporter’s” throat was “cut...for being a Jew.” Are being an “American,” a “capitalist,” or a “Jew,” all now mutually, irrevocably interconnected?

Bush is afraid that he won’t get money and the kind of support that not even money can buy if Danny wasn’t killed because he was Jewish. Did Danny’s killers cut his throat because he was Jewish?

They reportedly said so...

But what largely incenses Muslims all over the world should trouble everyone — Israel’s power to compel obedience from the most powerful nation on earth. Danny Pearl was killed not for “being” Jewish, but for what “Jewish” has come to mean, rightly or wrongly, in a part of the world that sympathizes and suffers with those the Israelis have dispossessed from land, from culture, from civil rights. Danny was killed not by powerful actors in service of some evil ideology, but by those powerless before Zionism.