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Thursday, May 06, 2004
Bush Disengages from Israel

As The Jerusalem Post and Maariv report, it only took a few weeks for President Bush to retract the letter he gave to Prime Minister Sharon. While that letter was essentially meaningless, Sharon claimed it was a historic achievement for Israel.

Haaretz adds that Bush will also send a letter to PA Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia "to balance the letter of understanding he had transferred to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon." This despite the PA's refusal to disengage from terrorism.

The Haaretz report also quotes Secretary of State Colin Powell as claiming that "when we look at the Israeli public, there's an 80 percent approval rating for" the Sharon plan. That's false; polls have indicated that a majority of Israelis support unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, but nowhere near 80 percent.

Hopefully this will at least dispel for some the sophomoric myth that President Bush is a great friend of Israel. Bush may be better for Israel than John Kerry, but his administration has forced an Israeli retreat to the '67 borders as much as any other.