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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Given that I am married, I have never paid any attention to Frumster, an online dating site for observant Jews.

Protocols has a post discussing changes to Frumster by its new management. In the comments to that post, "Jim" writes, "my gripe with frumster is that they are now trying to put the 'frum' in frumster. They now crop out pictures that show women wearing pants, and everything is now under 'rabbinic' supervision. The having stories and inspiration makes me feel like im on a dating site at a religious revival."

A check of the Frumster site confirms Jim's statement. The site proudly states that "each photo is individually processed for sincerity and adherence to Orthodox modesty standards."

Admittedly, there may be certain photos that are inappropriate for display on a website for observant Jews. But censoring pictures of modern Orthodox women wearing pants is rather pathetic. It's yet another manifestation of the condescending attitude of those doing the "supervising" toward observant Jews (i.e. their constituents) generally, and those that are single, in particular. Regardless of whether someone is modern Orthodox, charedi, neither, or somewhere in between, if they are on an Internet dating site, they presumably can (or should be able to) handle the different standards of others in the community.

Now that I've had a chance to see Frumster, my other criticism is their division of observant Jews into no less than eight separate categories. When searching for a potential date, one must pick from just one of these eight groups. An unfortunate and extreme example of the human tendency to factionalize, which to anyone outside of Orthodox circles would, appropriately, be seen for how idiotic it is. And as good an illustration as any for the increasing difficulty experienced by many in finding a spouse.