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Thursday, May 20, 2004
Steven Plaut's Latest Column

In an otherwise good piece in the Jewish Press, Steven Plaut could not help writing the following unnecessary and crass paragraph about the parents of Lior Vishinski, an IDF soldier who was killed in Gaza last week:

"Lior was the son of two actors from Israel's bohemian Tel Aviv theater set. The divorced parents are hardly right-wingers and are not Orthodox. Indeed, like the leftist father of Nick Berg, the Jew from Philadelphia murdered in Iraq, Lior's own father tastelessly attempted to exploit the death of his son to make political capital and promote the political agenda of the Left."

"Exploit the death of his son?" Apparently just as Tom Friedman is capable only of disdain toward the "settlers" and their supporters, Plaut cannot consider that an Israeli leftist might be acting out of motives other than self-hatred.