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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Stupid Column of the Week

In this week's Jewish Week, M.J. Rosenberg of the leftist Israel Policy Forum makes two moronic statements:

First, he writes that the fact that nearly 1000 Israelis have already been murdered since September 2000 "just proves the old adage that even a bad peace is better than a good war."

Rosenberg completely ignores the fact that the terrorism has occurred as part of the "bad peace" he refers to. While he writes of "the terror wave that began after the collapse of the Oslo accords in the fall of 2000," the Oslo Accords never had a formal ending. Despite the peace agreements and while those agreements were in effect, the Palestinians engaged in war against Israel.

Second and more egregiously, Rosenberg writes:

"Every poll of the Israeli public showed overwhelming support for getting out of Gaza. Every poll of Likud Party members showed the same thing. Israelis across the spectrum want out." (emphasis added)

Huh? If every poll of Likud Party members showed overwhelming support for unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, why did the referendum of the same members result in overwhelming rejection of withdrawal?

So how does Rosenberg explain this apparent discrepancy? By blaming the "settlers" and their supporters, who, he writes, were "determined to thwart the will of those majorities and the prime minister. So they hustled and organized and defeated the Gaza withdrawal in the Likud vote."

In other words, using the democratic process and convincing Likud members to reject unilateral withdrawal is illegitimate because... well, Rosenberg doesn't like the result. And since he doesn't like the result, he ignores it, and continues to insist that Likud members actually believe exactly the opposite of how they vote.

Incidentally, Rosenberg recently had an anti-Sharon opinion column published on the web site of Al-Jazeerah. Lest one think that the column was picked up by Al-Jazeerah but that Rosenberg did not specifically seek publication with them, the column specifically states: "The article was submitted to Al-Jazeerah by the author on April 9, 2004."

Nice to know that Israel Policy Forum deems Al-Jazeerah to be a worthy media outlet.