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Thursday, June 10, 2004
Jewish Press Editorial On Lupolianski

An editorial in this week's Jewish Press strongly criticizes Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski for not having "lifted a finger to block" last Thursday's "gay pride" parade in Jerusalem. The editorial changes that Lupolianski "refrained even from making any negative comments!"

The editorial could not be more erroneous. In fact, as Haaretz reported on Sunday (and others also have reported), in a radio interview last Friday, Lupolianski condemned the event in the clearest terms:

This is a horrible parade. It is not only ugly, it's also a provocation. It's not appropriate for the city, and it offends the sensibilities of its residents. Even people distant from Jerusalem must grasp that this is a sacred city for the Jewish people, and the world as a whole. This isn't Paris, and it isn't London. I'm not talking about what a person does privately in his home. A parade in public is something else.

Jerusalem is the Holy City, not just for religious people, but in its very essence. There is a difference between everyone dancing his own dance as usual, and having a parade, which is an attempt to jump and stomp on the toes of the general public. If somebody has some sort of deviant trait, it doesn't mean that he has to raise its banner in public.

If I had the legal means to stop a parade that harms the city and its residents, I would prevent the parade. I tried to do so, but it was made clear to me that I don't have the authority.