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Monday, July 26, 2004
The Anti-Withdrawal Protest

Yesterday, a large number of Israelis opposed to withdrawal from Gaza formed a human chain from Gaza to Jerusalem.

Today's Haaretz reports that "police put the number of participants in the 'Israeli chain' at around 130,000, while organizers of the event estimated there were some 200,000 participants."

In contrast, today's New York Times reports: "The size of the demonstration - organizers estimated that 200,000 Israelis took part, though the police put the number at 70,000 - represented perhaps the gravest challenge yet to Mr. Sharon's disengagement plan under which Israel would withdraw from the 26-mile-long Gaza Strip and four northern settlements in the West Bank."

Today's Maariv supports the 130,000 figure.

Perhaps the Times' figure was based on a police estimate early in the rally. Otherwise, it's hard to understand how their number was off by 60,000 people.