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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Don't Take the Hague Lightly

In a column in this week's Jewish Press, Isaac Kohn writes:

The International Court of Justice has stated that, in its considered opinion, Israel`s anti-terrorism fence is a violation of international law and must be torn down, and that Israel must compensate Arab residents for the damage done.

I actually applauded the ludicrous ruling. I applauded loudly — not for the “justice” of the decision, but because had these august judges decided otherwise, my assumption about their predetermined, anti-Semitic stance would have been wrong. I applauded the news that my assumption turned out to be right. Bravo!

On a gut level, that reaction makes sense, but the Hague ruling - and the support of it in the UN by every nation in the EU - cannot be taken lightly. As a result of the decision and the EU's support for it, one can argue that only the United States (to its credit as a moral nation) stands between Israel being completely isolated as a pariah state.

This isn't really something new, and there might not be much that can be done about this, but one thing needs to be done to ensure the situation does not get worse: Jewish groups - inside and outside the Jewish establishment - must take pro-Israel advocacy on college campuses much more seriously and make it a priority. Otherwise, when current college students begin to assume positions of political leadership, Israel may no longer have the support of the United States.