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Thursday, July 01, 2004
The Newest Blogger

My father has long freely expressed his iconoclastic views, often eliciting strong responses - sometimes lavish praise, other times ad hominem attacks. In the last couple of months, some of these responses have been appearing online.

After an April piece in praise of Prime Minister Sharon's plan to withdraw from Gaza, one blogger respectfully responded:

Who the hell is Marvin Schick? Come to think, what the hell is the Jewish Week? Let me explain: Mr. Schick is a rich dude, and thus, under Jewish community rules, is allowed to mouth off about stuff. Alas, the Jewish Week, that fine piece of newspaper (well, it would be if there was no writing on it), only ran his column every other week, and maybe dumped him. So Schick now buys a half-page in that paper every week, and airs anything that pops into his head. Needless to say, he thinks he's God's gift to the world and is the greatest authority on everything.

Also recently, my father wrote an article about the Satmar chasidic sect. Menachem Butler took issue with one statement in that column, and wrote on his blog:

Dr. Schick's wonderfully written article, about a sect of American Orthodoxy often only discussed in a negative manner, is quite informative in describing some of the issues surrounding the Satmar hassidic sect. However, perhaps Dr. Schick is incorrect in his statement that "there hasn't been much [scholarly work] since the passing in 1979 of Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum."

For a very recent article about R. Joel Teitelbaum, see the most recent issue of Modern Judaism (May 2004) where Zvi Jonathan Kaplan wrote, "Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, Zionism, and Hungarian Ultra-Orthodoxy."

Finally, last week on Protocols, Luke Ford provided the full text of my father's June piece about Chabad. There were a few positive comments, followed by another comment from "Reb Yudel" - also known as Larry Yudelson, who wrote:

I was just telling a friend that it's time that Marvin Schick start posting his stuff online.

He wouldn't happen to have a computer-literate son, would he...?

That comment, along with his birthday which falls out this shabbos, led me to start posting my father's articles online, and this post is the official launch of his new website. Currently, approximately 130 of his writings have been posted; another 75 or so will be posted in the next week. New articles appearing in the Jewish Week and elsewhere will be posted as they are published. In the long term, we may even look for a way to post some of his columns from the '60's and '70's.