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Monday, July 12, 2004
Polls on Disengagement, Political Violence

Two new polls challenge media perceptions about Sharon's unilateral withdrawal plan and "settlers'" respect for democracy.

According to one poll, by Geocartogrphy, 49 percent of Israelis support unilateral withdrawal, with 44 percent opposed. That's in sharp contrast to the notion that an overwhelming majority of Israelis support unilateral dismantling of settlements.

The other poll, by University of Haifa's National Security Studies Center, asked whether violence could ever be justified as a last resort to prevent the government from implementing an objectionable policy. Only 2.2 percent of residents in Judea, Samaria and Gaza believed any such situation could arise. Haifa University is far from sympathetic to Jewish residents in the territories, and its poll clearly refutes the notion that those residents do not respect democratic norms and/or condone political violence.