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Thursday, July 15, 2004
The Rat Guts the Nets

A few weeks ago, Bruce (The Rat) Ratner insisted:

"Cost-cutting is absolutely not my intention," Ratner said from his 11th-floor office. "My intention is to make the team competitive now. Obviously, one of the difficulties that we inherited, (were) contracts which are extensive. But we understood that when we bought the team.

"What we want to do as owners is do everything we can to keep Kenyon Martin."

Tonight, the Nets are trading Martin to the Denver Nuggets for three draft picks. This comes weeks after they sold this year's first round draft pick for $3 million in cash.

For the few of us who are Nets fans, two things must be done. First, call the Nets at 201-935-8888 to express your outrage. I just left a detailed message on the voicemail of General Manager Ed Stefanski. (I tried, but Nets CEO Rod Thorn apparently does not allow fans to access his phone line.)

Second, it is essential that we go to no more Nets home games as long as The Rat owns the team. That includes the Meadowlands and the proposed new arena in Brooklyn. If necessary, it is okay to go to Nets road games, including at Madision Square Garden.

(Crossposted at my new blog devoted to Bruce Ratner, Bruce Ratner Sucks.)