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Saturday, August 07, 2004
36 Days to Kickoff

I'm thrilled that the Jets have signed Pete Kendall to start at left guard. My biggest concern has been offensive line. If Chad Pennington has pass protection, the run blocking improves from last season, and offensive coordinator Paul Hackett goes back to the approach that worked so well in 2002, the Jets could have one of the best offensive teams in the NFL.

Pennington remains very underrated. He was inconsistent following his return last season, but was always being pressured and did not have anyone other than Santana Moss to pass to. He is one of the top 8 quarterbacks in the league.

I haven't been this optimistic about the Jets since 1999. Then, coming off a trip to the AFC Championship, the Jets lost QB Vinny Testaverde in the opening week, and started the season a dismal 1-6.