The Zionist Conspiracy

A clandestine undertaking on behalf of Israel, the Jets and the Jews.

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Monday, August 16, 2004
Another Zionist Conspiracy

The inevitable accusation that Golan Cipel's charges against Jim McGreevey are indicative of a Zionist conspiracy appears in a letter in today's Arab News:

It has long been asked why Israel has such strong influence on American politics. One possible reason is blackmail. The Israelis probably know a lot of secrets involving American politicians. Fortunately, they just cannot blackmail everybody. New Jersey Governor James McGreevey did the right thing. He came out of the closet and prevented himself from being blackmailed any further. He did his country a service. I wonder how many American politicians have been compromising their country just because they cannot come out in the open and tell the truth.

Rolly. V • Saudi Arabia