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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
Bob Murphy Dies

New York Mets Hall of Fame announcer Bob Murphy passed away today.

Murphy was an announcer for the Mets from the team's inception in 1962 through last season. In a way, it is not surprising that he did not survive a season away from baseball.

Mets announcer Gary Cohen, who worked with Murphy from 1988-2003, said: "It's painful to have someone work his entire life, someone who was so beloved, finally have a chance to enjoy his life and have so little time. My heart goes out to [Murphy's wife] Joyce and all our thoughts and prayers are with her.

"What stands out the most about Bob is the first game I ever broadcast for the Mets in 1988. I was filling in for one night and I was a minor league kid who had looked up to Murph from the time I was six years old. I was petrified, to put it lightly. At one point early in the broadcast, I just froze. I didn't know what to say or do next. Murph reached out with his hand and patted mine and took over, making the rest of the evening easy. He was a very sweet man. He made sure that I was comfortable and that I could function and succeed and I'll never forget that."

When Murphy announced his retirement last year, I wrote on this blog:

"Murphy has been around since the formation of the Mets in 1962 (and for eight seasons before that, with the Red Sox and Orioles). It is truly impossible to imagine the Mets without him. While at 78 retirement would seem appropriate, he is in fact retiring too early, and will be very sorely missed...

"Murphy hinted that he may come back next season for a game a month. That'd be better than nothing, but not enough. A game a week should be the minimum, with the stipulation that he announce key September and postseason games when the Mets return to contention."

Unfortunately, Murphy's illness prevented him from announcing any more games this season. He will be missed.