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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Quincy Carter

A couple of weeks on Protocols, Luke Ford wrote:

"That the Dallas Cowboys cut their starting quarterback Quincy Carter this week, is, in the Torah view, a call for us return to G-d."

I responded, in the comments: "I disagree. Any suffering by the Dallas Cowboys is in fact a gift from G-d. In contrast, when last year in the month of Elul, Chad Pennington, the Jets' QB, suffered a serious injury during a preseason game, it was a call from G-d to repent."

While none of us can understand the ways of G-d, I believe that my argument has been vindicated with yesterday's signing by the Jets of Quincy Carter.

I'm actually not a big fan of Carter and if Pennington suffers a serious injury like he did last year, the Jets are likely doomed. But if Pennington misses 2 or 3 games with an ankle sprain or a separated shoulder, Carter might be able to put up enough points to win a game or two and keep the Jets in contention. It certainly makes sense to sign Carter when the other backups on the roster have never taken an NFL snap.

Unfortunately, the Carter signing will likely result in Brooks Bollinger staying on as the third string QB, and Ricky Ray - the star last season of the CFL - being released. I think Ray is much more talented than Bollinger, but the latter will probably remain since he was drafted by the Jets, while Ray was picked up as a free agent. I keep reading in the papers that both Ray and Bollinger have been awful in the preseason. Didn't seem that way to me on Saturday night, when Ray went 7 for 8 (mostly on short passes, admittedly) and was able to sustain several drives.

A few years ago, when Trent Green was injured during the preseason, the St. Louis Rams were lambasted from having only Kurt Warner, an Arena League refugee, as a backup. If the Rams had signed an experienced backup, they wouldn't have won the Super Bowl that season. While I don't think Ray will turn out to be another Kurt Warner and think the Carter signing is a worthwhile one, I do think Ray is going to be a productive quarterback in the NFL.