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Sunday, August 01, 2004
Ten Things About The Mets

The following are ten obvious facts about the New York Mets, which the team's employees and reporters (are they on the payroll too?) refuse to acknowledge:

10. Todd Zeile had a great month, but he's otherwise been awful. He's hitting .233 and strikes out once every 3.5 at bats. Zeile should be the last player off the bench. He should never start at first ahead of Eric Valent.

9. Joe McEwing is a nice guy, but not a major league talent. He has three extra base hits this season.

8. Braden Looper is not reliable. Only good control has kept him from routinely blowing saves.

7. Valent should be getting much more playing time.

6. Neither Kris Benson nor Victor Zambrano is very good.

5. John Franco should not have returned from rotator cuff surgery.

4. Jose Reyes has no pain tolerance.

3. David Wright might become a good player, but he's not ready for the majors yet.

2. Art Howe is killing Mike Piazza, who needs to rest at least once a week, and probably twice. Piazza might have a little left in the tank, but not as a starting first baseman. The Mets should let him catch about half their games, play him at first once or twice a week, and otherwise rest him.

1. The Mets will not win with Howe.