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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
A Tale of Two Jets

Last week, Jets defensive end John Abraham refused to play against San Diego, saying, "I can't go out there and hurt my knee again. Right now, I'm not planning on having surgery, so I don't want to run back out there too soon and get another injury to this knee and have to get surgery or something like that... I don't think they can make me go out there."

Abraham looks likely to take the day off again this Saturday against Pittsburgh.

Jets coach Herm Edwards and GM Terry Bradway have inexplicably defended and supported Abraham. In contrast, Mike Ditka said on ESPN, "I would not let him stand on the sidelines with my football team."

Then there's Jets wide receiver Wayne Chrebet. He's suffered numerous concussions, and is recovering from a concussion suffered 10 days ago against St. Louis. Like Abraham, Chrebet didn't play against the Chargers. However, unlike Abraham, when Edwards decided to keep Chrebet sidelined, Chrebet says, "I begged him (to play). I begged him, but he made his decision and I understand. I don't want to hurt the team, but I begged him. I wanted to be out there more than anything. It was one of the tougher things I have had to do."

But isn't Chrebet worried about his health? "I've got to get back out there. I'm a glutton for punishment,", he told the Bergen Record.

But doesn't Chrebet worry about the best interests of his wife and two children, Steve Serby of The New York Post asked him.

"Yeah, I do, but I don't. It's easy to say, hard to do, promise ya. When you work so hard and you're in the heat of the game and your team needs a play, you want to be the one making the play. You want to be in there. A lot of my best qualities are my worst. I'll do whatever it takes on the field, but part of that is usually it's at great risk or cost to my health lately."

The Jets reportedly want to sign Abraham to a long-term deal, and release Chrebet, after the season.

And you wonder why they haven't been to the Super Bowl for 36 years.