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Thursday, October 27, 2005
Jets Midseason Report

Okay, seven games into a 16 game season is not quite midseason, but with a bye week coming up and the Jets going nowhere, this seems like a good time for a few general thoughts:

1. When the 2005 schedule came out, I was disappointed to see that the Falcons game came out on Monday night, on a Jewish holiday. Turns out that was a blessing, and I was able to miss Monday night's massacre in its entirety. Since all I know about the game is what I've read in newspapers, I have nothing substantive to add about the game itself.

2. If the Jets offense doesn't turn things around in their next game, at home vs. the Chargers, there likely will be a defensive mutiny and the team will completely fall apart. As it is, I don't expect the Jets to win more than 5 games.

3. The only source of optimism about the 2006 season is that the Jets will probably finish in last place this season and have a relatively soft schedule. That's what propelled the Jets to their 5-0 start last year.

Otherwise, there are big problems, especially on offense. At QB, Chad Pennington can't be relied upon, but his massive salary cap number will make it all but impossible for the Jets to sign another legitimate starting quarterback. RB Curtis Martin has clearly lost a few steps; even if part of the problem is poor run blocking, Martin is frequently only picking up three or four yards even when he has holes. The offensive line is already a wreck and Kevin Mawae, Jason Fabini and Pete Kendall aren't getting younger, and there's little depth at the position on the roster. At WR, Laveranues Coles is looking like a very good number 2 receiver, but not the number 1 that he's getting paid to be.

The problems on offense will spill over to the defense. With so many holes having to be plugged on offense and the Jets already having a lousy cap situation, the Jets probably won't be able to bring back John Abraham and won't be able to add any impact players on defense.

4. GM Terry Bradway did an abysmal job in the offseason. He let nose tackle Jason Ferguson go, hurting the run defense. Lamont Jordan, who could have been Martin's heir apparent at running back, also left. Bradway make no effort to bring back Kareem McKenzie or Anthony Becht, and the pass protection and run blocking have declined substantially as a result.

Bradway's proactive moves have also failed to pan out. Doug Jolley, Becht's replacement at tight end, has produced even less than Becht did in the passing game and is an inferior blocker to Becht. Coles was reacquired for Santana Moss, who having left the Jets is suddenly a premier WR. Rookie kicker Mike Nugent has kicked only five field goals in his first seven games and his kickoffs have frequently been short. Cornerback Ty Law, while an upgrade, is certainly not the impact player he used to be, and is part of the reason the Jets are in such a salary cap mess.

5. When he was hired in 2001, head coach Herm Edwards hired Ted Cottrell to be his defensive coordinator and Paul Hackett to be offensive coordinator. After the 2003 season, Edwards fired Cottrell. After 2004, Hackett was forced out. Enough is enough. It's time for Herm to finally take responsibility. After 2005, both he and Bradway should be replaced.