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Monday, October 17, 2005
The Meme

Gil Student has infected me with "the meme" (not sure what a "meme" is). Here are my very quick responses:

7 Things I Can Do:

1. Write about sports
2. Change light bulbs
3. Play with my son
4. Debate most topics
5. Write a legal brief
6. Write about Israel
7. Reject baseless hatred related to political differences, racism, etc.

7 Things I Can't Do:

Only seven?

1. Read a Hebrew language newspaper
2. Manual labor that's much more complicated than changing light bulbs or changing batteries
3. Put my son to sleep in less than an hour when he wakes up in middle of the night
4. Find affordable housing in a New York area Jewish community that I'd want to live in
5. Dress appropriately for winter weather
6. Write legibly
7. Not get frustrated with the Jets

7 Things I Hope To Do In My Life:

1. Raise my son to be a religious Jew with proper values and without the religious or political extremism that is spreading in our world
2. Write a book
3. Live to see the Jets win a Super Bowl
4. Spend more time in Israel
5. Improve my Hebrew skills
6. Sleep for seven consecutive hours like in the old days
7. Learn Torah more often

People I'd like to infect with this meme:

Nobody, this "meme" appears to have been infectious enough.