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Thursday, October 27, 2005
Rabbi Respler

The elementary school that I attended between 1978-1986 has been running ads in The Jewish Press, basically calling on alums to pay tribute at the upcoming school dinner to yeshiva principal Rabbi Avrohom Respler, who is retiring after the 2005-06 school year after nearly fifty years with the yeshiva.

Before he succeeded Rabbi Schwartz as principal a few years after I graduated elementary school, Rabbi Respler was a rebbi (Jewish studies teacher) for around 30 years. He was my rebbi in both 5th and 7th grade, and was one of the good rebbis in a yeshiva that had its share of rebbis who appeared to hate children.

What struck me about the Jewish Press ads is how much Rabbi Respler has aged. He now has a full beard and at first glance looked different than I remember him.

Of course, it's been nearly 20 years since I was in the yeshiva and I'd guess that Rabbi Respler is now probably in his low 70's. I probably look a little older than I did in 1986 too. Obviously, so would Rabbi Respler.

Still - and I'm not just being flippant - I really was struck by Rabbi Respler's appearance, a reminder of all the time that has gone by.