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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Aiming to Please

My goal is to leave readers satisfied. It is a difficult task to please all, but one must surely try.

This week's Jewish Press runs four letters to the editor in response to my recent column about the Rabin assassination and its political impact.

At first, I was buoyed by the reactions of Avraham Gluchsman ("The Jewish Press is to be commended for carrying the front-page essay by Joseph Schick") and Martin Rosenfeld ("I was pleasantly surprised by your decision to highlight Joseph Schick's thoughtful essay on your front page").

Alas, just when I was feeling good about my writing, along came Dinah Foster ("I was terribly disheartened and disappointed that The Jewish Press published Mr. Schick's article").

Had the publication of my article really caused Ms. Foster such heartache and disappointment? Really, I did not mean to be the source of all her tzaros.

I must strive to improve. Until the Dinah Fosters of the world are pleased, neither will I be.