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Monday, November 21, 2005
Can Sharon Placate The Egomaniacs?

Thus far, 14 of the 40 Likud Knesset members have joined the new party formed by Ariel Sharon. In addition, numerous other prominent figures from outside Likud are likely to join Sharon in the near future.

One of the Likud members who joined Sharon is Meir Sheetrit. According a report on Ynet, Sheetrit stated: "I assume that I will be among the first in the (party) list. We didn't talk about a specific place, but definitely among the first places."

I don't know about Sheetrit, but it obvious that not everyone who has joined Sharon will be "among the first" in the party's list. It is equally obvious that those joining Sharon have very inflated opinions of themselves and their political importance.

Will Sharon be able to placate all of these people until the elections? My guess is no, that at some point there will be quite a bit of internal infighting, along with some defections.