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Thursday, November 03, 2005
Jewish Week E-Mail/Letter

In his column in last week's Jewish Week, Gary Rosenblatt wrote that under the Oslo Accords, Prime Minister Rabin agreed to the formation of a Palestinian state in exchange for peace with Israel.

In fact, Rabin was opposed to a Palestinian state. So I sent a short private e-mail to Rosenblatt informing him of this. Since my comprehensive Jewish Press column about the Rabin murder (which includes the point that Rabin opposed a Palestinian state) was going to be appearing this week in the Jewish Press, I intentionally sent a private e-mail to Rosenblatt instead of a letter to the editor, since I did not want a letter to the editor to appear in the Jewish Week the same week as my column would be published in the Jewish Press. Apparently, however, the Jewish Week has published the contents of my e-mail as a letter to the editor.

I'm not sure if this matters or if I should care, but it can't hurt to use this forum to explain.