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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Media Love Herm

If more evidence is needed that the sports media's coverage of controversial figures is based more on personal relations than on reality, then take a look at today's newspapers.

In the New York Post, Jets beat reporter Mark Cannizzaro not only insists that Herm Edwards is blameless for the Jets' awful season, he actually writes that owner Woody Johnson "would be smart to extend Edwards' contract after this season."

At least Cannizzaro notes that GM Terry Bradway "hasn't drafted a Pro Bowl player in five years."

Over at Newsday, Ken Berger not only sings Edwards' praises and absolves him of any blame for 2005, he even absolves Edwards for any problems that would occur next season, writing that Edwards will face a "mess" in 2006, because the "Jets have enormous salary-cap problems, no quarterback, a 32-year-old running back, no deep receiving threat, and an offensive line that fell apart this season."

Unwittingly, Berger's statement is a strong indictment of Bradway, who let Lamont Jordan leave for nothing, failed to do anything about the offensive line, and traded away the Jets only deep threat, Santana Moss.

The good news for Bradway is that Moss will likely become his first draft back to make the Pro Bowl. The bad news is that Moss will do so as a member of the Washington Redskins.