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Friday, November 11, 2005
One More Thing About Herm...

1. On a Fox Sports NY weekly show about the Jets and Giants, one of the commentators lavishly praised Herm Edwards for doing a great job. When someone else mentioned that the Jets are 2-6, the moronic talking head explained that coaching bad teams is especially difficult, and therefore Herm is actually doing his best coaching this season.

By that standard, Rich Kotite did some fine work in 1995 and 1996.

2. In today's Daily News, Edwards reveals that Curtis Martin sustained a serious knee injury in week 2 that should have kept Martin out for a couple of weeks. In other words, Martin should have missed weeks 3 and 4.

I guess that would explain why in week 3, backup running back Derrick Blaylock did not carry the ball until the 4th quarter (and only got three rushes then) and why in the week 4 loss to Baltimore, Blaylock only ran the ball twice.

Yep, Herm sure is doing some magnificent coaching.

Anyway, a good weekend to all. Can't wait for Sunday's Jets game. Will they get completely blown out, or lose a close one because Herm again forgets that the game has four quarters that are fifteen minutes each? Stay tuned.