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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Terrible Trade

I don't have time to post in any detail, but have to go on record to express my revulsion of the Mets trading of both Mike Jacobs and top pitching prospect Yusmeiro Petit to the Marlins for Carlos Delgado.

Not only does Delgado not want to come to the Mets - he turned down the Mets offer last winter to sign with the Marlins instead - the Marlins were lucky to even get anyone to take on his contract, which had a low salary last season and pays Delgado $48 million over the next three years. For the Mets to give up two valuable players is absurd.

I'm not sure whether Jacobs could have replicated his outstanding performance, but it would have been nice to give him a chance. Certainly, Jacobs would have been a huge bargain, making near the minimum salary.

Based upon Minaya's track record, his next move will probably be to get rid of Aaron Heilman, the Mets' most pleasant surprise in '05.