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Sunday, November 20, 2005
We Play Today, We Lose Today

1. On Friday, I predicted that the Jets would lose to the Broncos 31-13. They lost 27-0, the first time they were shutout in a decade, since the Rich Kotite era. Hey, call me an optimist.

2. In today's Journal News, Ian O'Conner joined the Herm Edwards lovefest. Acknowledging that "a columnist's job description rarely includes campaigning for a 2-7 coach," O'Conner idiotically wrote that owner Woody Johnson "has to realize Edwards has been very good for business, and offer him another two-year extension on top of the two years the coach has coming to him."

A blogger's job description rarely includes campaigning against a sportswriter. But whoever owns the Journal News has to realize that idiots like O'Conner are bad for business, and offer him a two-week severance package.

3. Herm's apologists (they appear to only be in the media and not among the fan base) continually repeat the mantra that his offense has been decimated by injuries and his players never quit.

Well, obviously his players have quit. As for the injuries to the offense, what's Herm's excuse for the Jets' abysmal performance on defense and special teams?

Yet again today, the defense didn't bother to show up, allowing drives of 95 and 81 yards, respectively, on Denver's first two possessions.

And yet again today too, Justin Miller fumbled on a return, and the Jets couldn't execute the most basic element of football, the snap from center to quarterback.

Is Chad Pennington's injury the excuse for that?

4. Kotite, just like Edwards, was relegated due to injuries to playing terrible quarterbacks, particularly Bubby Brister and Frank Reich. Yet the media (correctly) never defended Kotite.

5. As I have previously written, I've never been much of a Ty Law fan. The more I watch him play, the more I dislike him. His endless illegal contact penalties are inexcusable, and they invariably come at the worst possible time. Today, his first such penalty came on Denver's opening drive, after the Jets had appeared to stop the Broncos at the 30 yard line.

6. Would it have killed Herm to play third string QB Kliff Kingsbury in the 4th quarter?

7. Kingsbury did come in when Vinny Testaverde was hurt with a minute left in the game. Last week, Herm defended his running the clock out in the 4th quarter by explaining that he wasn't going to pass the ball and risk his QB getting hurt. Yet this week, he did just that, and his QB got hurt.

Are we living in a bizarro world? How can the media call for this buffoon to be given a contract extension?