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Monday, November 14, 2005
Weekly Post-Mortem

1. First, a glimmer of hope: According to today's New York Post, on Fox's pregame show, "Howie Long predicted that when Dick Vermeil retires in Kansas City — which Jimmy Johnson said will be after this season — then the next coach of the Chiefs could be Herman Edwards."

I doubt that will actually happen, but one must keep hope alive.

2. Ignoring last week's strong performance by QB Brooks Bollinger, Herm Edwards went back to handcuffing Bollinger and the Jets offense the way he did in Bollinger's first start, in week 4 against Baltimore, running almost every play in the first half, and limiting Bollinger to short dump offs. This is not my speculation - he actually was quoted by the CBS announcers as telling them this was his game plan.

3. Edwards was content with going into the half with only 3 points. Despite being down 10-3, having the ball at the Jets 30 yard line with 47 seconds left in the second quarter with two timeouts, Edwards had so little confidence in his quarterback that he ran out the clock.

Edwards even said in his post-game press conference, that the Jets "got some opportunities, we put 3 points on the board." He actually thinks a field goal a game is something to celebrate.

4. In the second half, the offense opened up and after a good start, Bollinger was awful. So we can expect Bollinger to be handcuffed next week and thereafter.

5. Also in his post-game press conference, Herm angrily said that he was satisfied with his players, because a player can only play up to his talent. In other words, he's using injuries as an excuse and saying that his team sucks.

With this attitude, the Jets may well go 2-14.

6.. I used to think that the trade of a high second round pick for WR Justin McCareins was a mistake, but that McCareins is still an okay number 2 wide receiver. Obviously, McCareins is dreadful. He's done nothing all season.