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Friday, December 16, 2005
DovBear On Munich's Critics

DovBear criticizes those (like me) who have been critical of Steven Spielberg's Munich, charging that:

Zionists of a certain age and generation think of the Arabs as cartoon villains, with greased mustaches and diabolical plans. To them, Palestinians are symbols, not people. And this tendency to simplify, to rob people of their humanity, cuts both ways: The IDF and Mossad, in their eyes, are flawless, and faultless, the just and glorious warriors.

There are close to 300 comments to DovBear's post. I don't have time to read those comments, so it's possible - likely even - that someone has already made the point that the objection to Munich is not to its sympathetic portrayal of Arabs, but its sympathy and understanding for the PLO terrorists who murdered the Israeli athletes in Munich.