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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Haaretz Doesn't Like Spielberg Film Either

Despite the statements from director Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Tony Kushner that clearly indicate that Munich offers moral equivalence between terrorists who kill civilians and soldiers (and intelligence agents) who kill those terrorists, some have taken the position that it is premature to criticize Spielberg and the film before seeing it.

For those doubters, a review in Haaretz - not exactly a hotbed of right-wing/anti-Palestinian propaganda - should lead to an understanding that it's not just paranoid ultra-Zionists who are going to be offended by the film.

As the Haaretz piece states:

Israelis don't speak to one another the way Spielberg thinks they do ... nor do they behave the way in which he portrays them as behaving. And most of them don't have significant doubts regarding the Israeli government's decision to hunt and assassinate the perpetrators of the massacre at the Munich Olympics.

It might be a discussion worthy of some debate, but the debate provoked by this film is too simplistic and righteous for Israelis to have any interest in dealing with it...

The movie was "inspired" by the story, as the producers tell us at its onset, but does not stick to it faithfully. The book upon which it was based, Revenge, is highly controversial, and one can't expect the film to draw the correct conclusions when the historical line from which it is drawn is flawed.

In conclusion, the Haaretz article says that "Hollywood filmmakers may not be best suited to deal with such heated matters. They should stick to their own stories."