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Monday, December 19, 2005
Hopeless With Herm

For the fourth time this season, the Jets had a chance to win a game on a late 4th quarter drive. For the fourth time, their drive stalled and they lost, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Yesterday, after moving from their own 13 yard line to the Dolphins 14, the Jets had 1st and 5 with 1:03 and one timeout left. Not a huge amount of time, but certainly more than enough to run at least once, and throw the ball over the middle.

Instead, predictably, head coach Herm Edwards and offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger panicked, apparently thinking there was too little time to do anything other than pass to the end zone.

And so the Jets threw a quick fade to Justin McCareins in the corner of the end zone on first down, an overthrown pass out of the end zone to Jerricho Cotchery on second down, and another quick end zone fade on third down to Laveranues Coles. All were incomplete. On 4th down, they finally tried for the first down on a short pass to Doug Jolley, who was well covered and couldn't get to the ball.

In his postgame press conference, Edwards was asked about the playcalling. As usual whenever he's asked basic questions, Herm grew paranoid. He responded that the Dolphins were blitzing, so the Jets receivers were being covered "man to man." Then Herm shouted, in increasing decibel levels, "MAN TO MAN! MAAAAAAN TO MAAAAAAN!!! YOU HEAR ME? MAAAAAAN TO MAAAAAAN!!!!

Huh? Why does that limit the Jets to end zone fades? Why not a slant over the middle to one of the wide receivers, or a pass underneath to Jolley prior to 4th down? Those were the kinds of plays that had been working for the Jets all day. A second or third down draw to running Cedric Houston would also have been appropriate.

Most damningly, after the game, Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas said that the book on the Jets is that they always call fades when they get near the end zone, and that the Dolphins therefore were expecting and were ready for the plays called by the Jets.

Ultimately, the loss of yesterday's game itself is not nearly as bothersome as the fact that Herm Edwards will be back next season (and possibly thereafter), continuing to blow game after game with his inept and ignorant game mismanagement.