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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Just One More Game To Go

Two fourth quarter touchdowns made the final score of 31-21 look decent, but in reality it was yet another miserable performance by the Jets, who were completely dominated and didn't even manage to get a first down until late in the 3rd quarter. As usual, the players came out flat.

Before the game, head buffoon Herm Edwards said that he hoped the Jets could win one of their last two games because finishing with a .500 record at home would be "a nice achievement."

For those watching the draft pick standings, it was also a dismal week for the Jets. With Houston at 2-13 and four teams tied with 3 wins, the tiebreaker for draft pick order will be determined based upon strength of schedule, with the teams with the weaker schedules picking first. Coming into week 16, the Jets were tied with the Saints and ahead of Green Bay - both of whom are also 3-12 - in strength of schedule. But this week, the Jets' 2005 opponents went 11-5, resulting in the Jets now being well behind the Saints and tied with the Packers. Even if the Jets lose next week, they might still end up with only the fourth pick in the 2006 draft. If they win, they may pick as low as seventh. On the other hand, if the Jets lose, Houston beats the 49ers and some other things fall into place, it's still conceivable that the Jets could end up with the top pick. Stay tuned.