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Friday, December 16, 2005
Netanyahu Supporters Asleep at the Wheel

On Wednesday, regarding the Newsweek report that Kalman Gayer, an aide to Ariel Sharon said that Sharon would agree to divide Jerusalem and concede 90 percent of Judea and Samaria, I wrote:

If the Gayer comments are really a surprise (I had already read the Newsweek article and to me they were not), nobody else in the Israeli media previously picked up on them. Newsweek is not exactly an obscure publication, and I'm sure that many ordinary Israelis read the report on the Internet.

Today, Haaretz reports that Binyamin Netanyahu has the following question about the Newsweek report:

Why the heck didn't he hear about this earlier? This report appeared in the American weekly 10 days before the Channel 10 correspondent in Washington, Yaron Dekel, got on to it. Ten days and none of Netanyahu's friends in Washington and New York bothered to pick up the phone and tell him about what the adviser said? Actually, why go so far? Newsweek is also issued in Israel. It has quite a number of subscribers here. How did it happen that no one saw it, no one heard about it, no one spoke up? Most peculiar.

This is very frustrating for me. I read the Newsweek report more than two weeks ago. I wondered why Netanyahu didn't raise the matter then. While of course it's for Israelis to choose their own leaders, I very much want Netanyahu to win Monday's Likud primary. I very much want him - against what appear to be overwhelming odds - to then lead Likud to victory over Sharon's Kadima party and Amir Peretz's Labor party.

So Bibi, how can I help you in the future?