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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Same Old Herm

It's getting boring writing each week about the Jets' increasingly sorry state. Here are quick thoughts on Sunday's loss to New England:

1. The playcalling on both sides of the ball late in the second quarter demonstrated the ineptitude of the Jets' coaching staff. Behind 3-0 with 3rd and 5 at the Patriots 20 (after a sack and fumble that was called back due to offsetting penalties), the Jets handed the ball off to Curtis Martin, who ran straight up the middle for no gain. After the game, Herm Edwards admitted that he was afraid that if a pass was called it would result in a sack, so he decided to "take the points."

Herm always "takes the points" and plays to lose in these types of situations. With the Jets going nowhere, the failure to even try for a touchdown is pathetic.

2. On the ensuing drive by the Patriots, which started with a minute left in the first half, the Jets played a zone defense, with seven defensive backs. Tom Brady had all the time he could ever ask for to pick apart the Jets secondary. The Jets were fortunate that New England didn't score a touchdown; instead they settled for a short field goal.

3. That drive got a boost because Mike Nugent's kickoff was very short, to the 25 yard line. Nugent's other kickoff only went to the 15. His 38 yard field goal was low and wobbly.

Bottom line: Nugent looks like he has an average leg at best, hardly warranting a high second round draft pick.

4. Quoting Herm, CBS commentator Randy Cross said that any Jets drive that ends in a kick is a successful drive. By that standard, the Jets did great on Sunday, since in addition to Nugent's field goal, Ben Graham punted six times.

Presumably, Edwards and Cross are unaware that punting the ball does not result in points. In QB Brooks Bollinger's four road starts, the Jets have scored a combined total of nine points, an average of 2.25 points per game.

5. In his postgame press conference, Herm does said Bollinger is doing the best he can. While I'm not a big Bollinger fan, that's an unfair insult to Bollinger. If the Jets would open up their offense in the first half of games and play for touchdowns rather than punts and an occasional field goal, Bollinger could be fairly evaluated. Instead, he's still being handcuffed and shown little confidence by the coaching staff.

6. Bollinger threw one nice pass to Justin McCareins in the end zone. The ball was a yard or two overthrown, but McCareins didn't even make an effort to catch it. McCareins, who was acquired for a high second round pick prior to the 2004 draft, has been completely listless and a huge disappointment, another of GM Terry Bradway's failed acquisitions.