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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Spielberg on Saving Private Ryan in Time Magazine

(The following is satirical based on this week's Time magazine interview report about Steven Spielberg.)

Saving Private Ryan focuses on the increasingly troubled mind of Captain John H. Miller, leader of the U.S. army mission to retrieve Private James Ryan, whose three brothers had been recently killed in combat. "You are assigned a mission, and you do it because you believe in the mission, but there is something about killing people at close range that is excruciating," says Spielberg. "Perhaps the Nazis are leading double lives. But they are, many of them, reasonable and civilized too." Killing them, he says, has unintended consequences. "It's bound to try a man's soul, so it was very important to me to show Miller struggling to keep his soul intact."

We don't demonize our targets," Spielberg added. "They're individuals. They have families."

Indeed, there is an entirely fictional scene in the movie in which Miller and his German opposite number meet and talk calmly, with the latter getting a chance to make his case for the creation of Nazi Aryan world domination. That scene means everything to screenwriter Tony Kushner and Spielberg. "The only thing that's going to solve this is rational minds, a lot of sitting down and talking until you're blue in the gills," says Spielberg. Without that exchange, "I would have been making a Charles Bronson movie—good guys vs. bad guys and Americans killing Germans without any context. And I was never going to make that picture."