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Monday, December 19, 2005

I was all set to attend the U.S. premiere for Ushpizin at the Tribeca Film Festival last April. Alas a double gas leak in my apartment scuttled those plans. I finally had a chance to see the Israeli film centered on a charedi couple on Saturday night.

One of the previews prior to the start of the movie was for an upcoming film with lesbian overtones. I could not help but feel bad for frum people who typically avoid movie theaters, made an exception for Ushpizin, and then were offended by that preview.

As for Ushpizin, while the story itself is a fairly simple fable and some might say it's a bit contrived, the script is very sharp and engaging and the acting is truly superb.

By far, Ushpizin is the most authentic film depicting frum people and frum life.

It's been said (accurately) that the real star of a certain former HBO show starring Sarah Jessica Parker was New York City.

L'Havdil (in extreme contrast), at least for me, the star of Ushpizin is the city of Jerusalem. The price of admission and a babysitter was well worth the feeling that I was back in Jerusalem for 90 minutes.